Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Caring for a lawn can take a lot of work, which can be time consuming and energy draining. With lawn care and mowing services from Genaro Landscape, you can maintain your Huntington Beach, CA lawn without the backbreaking work that goes into it.

At Genaro Landscape, we take the health and beauty of your lawn seriously. Every customer receives personalized service and outstanding results every time we visit. We offer flexible services range from basic lawn maintenance to full-service grounds care allowing our clients to customize the services package to fit their needs and budget.

Basic Lawn Care Service:

Choose Your Mowing Frequency – packages are tailored to your budget & lawn care needs

Each Lawn Care Visit includes:

  • Mowing of Turf
  • Trimming of Turf
  • Edging of hard surfaces
  • Blowing and clean-up
  • Additional Lawn Care Service Options:
  • Weeding of Beds — Hand weeding and/or non-selective herbicide treatment
  • Bed Pre-emergent — Preventive weed control for extended weed suppression
  • Seasonal Pruning — Trees, shrubs & hedging- Skilled hand pruning and formal shearing
  • Specialty Pruning — Roses, Crape Myrtles, Herbaceous Perennials and other special plants at the right time and with the correct technique
  • Mulching — Quality shredded hardwood, pine bark, designer mulch, pine straw and aggregate. Certified Play Mulch is available.
  • Annual Color Beds & Pots — Create a focal point with summer and winter annual plantings for seasonal color and texture
  • Autumn Leaf Clean-up — We visit your property regularly through the fall season and stage leaves for curb-side pick-up or distribute in natural areas.

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