Landscape Design & Planting

Landscape Design & Planting

Ready to unlock your dream garden potential in Huntington Beach?

Our locally owned and operated lawn care and landscaping business can work with just about any home or business property. We design new, renovate old or work with existing landscape to create a balanced whole. Our design philosophy is to plant the right plant in the right place to reduce maintenance and contribute to a successful, long-lasting landscape.

Our services begin with a detailed project proposal including costs and timelines. We will visit your home, discuss the project, follow up with a plant list, and hand draw planting diagram. Once the proposal is accepted, we will be onsite daily, oversee the project from start to finish and we will address any questions or concerns. The project will be installed by our landscape crews that receive thorough training on proper planting practices and technical skills.

We also offer sod installation and sod repair services for your home and business in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and surrounding coastal Orange County areas. We have over 20 years’ experience in the full sod installation process.

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